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to experience

cohesion, joy and success.

My mission is to work side by side with you to design a movement grounded in unified purpose, where a team is inspired, guided and empowered toward a lasting impact.



a little about

Brittany is an optimistic, insightful, and visionary coach and facilitator who unleashes potential in teams to exceed their wildest expectations. Brittany brings several years of professional experience in designing and moving cross-level teams to collaborative, results-oriented action.

The Process


Clarify and ignite purpose and vision to your team



Keep engaging and evaluating for sustainable change

Build a team of focused, motivated and collaborative leaders taking action


"Brittany is a total game-changer and has played a critical and key role in the development, growth, and on-going success of the team"

"Brittany has a unique ability to quickly analyze and understand the many facets of a recent change, mobilize correct key players, and deliver necessary information and tools. She is a go-to if you are looking to progress from change anxiety to stability and efficiency"

"Brittany's skilled leadership, her passion for supporting others, and her business expertise has lead her to be a sought-after collaborator and resource"



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Brittany Pomeroy

Owner & Founder